The Best Surf Spots

Planning your surfing excursions? We’re listing down the best weather conditions for catching waves and identified the best surf spots in Woolgoolga.

Surfing is a great way to experience the ocean—you'll see both its beauty and its power. You'll love the feeling you get when you give others a chance to experience this exhilarating activity with friends and family.

We have found the surf spots around Woolgoolga such as Safety Beach, Darkum Beach, Cabins Beach, Mullaway Beach and Ocean View Beach. The waves are perfect for surfing, with an abundance of breaks and reefs for all levels of surfers. XS SURF is located near these five local beaches, and we have all your gear needs covered.

The best time to surf Woolgoolga Beach is in the summer months when the swell is up and the water is warm. However, even in the winter you can find some nice swells if you’re willing to brave the colder waters.

As it’s relatively unknown, Woolgoolga Beach isn’t too crowded and there is plenty of space for all surfers to enjoy their time out in the ocean. There are also plenty of amenities nearby so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own supplies.

When is the best time to visit?

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Woolgoolga Beach is during the warmer months between October and April when the water temperature is more agreeable. In these times, you'll experience smaller crowds and milder weather making it ideal for spending hours out on the beach enjoying the ocean. During these times, however, the swell tends to be at its highest so it's important to practice caution when swimming or surfing. If you're looking for quieter waves and temperatures then visiting between May and September may be more suitable. Nevertheless, no matter when you choose to go, Woolgoolga Beach always offers something special.

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