Different types of surfboards

There are many different types of surfboards available, each designed for specific purposes and conditions. Knowing the different types of surfboards and what they’re used for will help ensure that you get the most out of your surfing experience. Want to know which surfboard is best for you? Here are a list of surfboards that we think can help you:

Type of Board


This type of board is great for beginners.

Longboards are the classic surfboard design. You can stay on the wave for longer. Great with maneuverability and stability. They are used for cruising and long rides. Help you catch extra waves and have more fun.


This is used by experienced surfers.

They have a wide variety of fins, allowing you to customize. Great for performing tricks and maneuvers. Cut quickly and with agility through the water

Fish boards

Great for intermediate to advanced surfers.

This allows them to maneuver more easily in the water. . hey are great for small to medium waves. Provide surfers with more stability and responsiveness. Perfect for catching waves earlier and riding them further and faster. Provide surfers with more buoyancy.


Known as “foamie” is great for beginners as well.

Learn to surf in style with Softboards. Help protect against injuries with foam construction. Durable, lightweight foam construction perfect for small
waves. User-friendly Softboards for beginner surfers.


Great for beginners and for pros too!

Unleash the versatility of skimboarding. Develop advanced surfing skills without having to catch a wave. Ride the waves close to shore on a foam and fiberglass board. Take your surfing skills to the next level with a skimboard Smaller and thinner than regular surfboards, no fins required.


Great for beginners.

It requires less balance and
technique than regular surfing. The board’s shape makes it easier to stay on the wave and maneuver. It also helps with the overall stability of the rider. Easy to control.

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