Surfboard Deck Grip and Why do you need it?

Surfboard deck grips, tail pads or traction pads are used as an alternative to surfboard wax. They help you maintain control of your board when doing turns and other maneuvers in the water.

Why is it important?

Surfboard Deck Grip helps keep your board secure, which means you'll be able to go out and catch some waves without worrying about losing control of your board and falling off into the water. If you're just learning how to surf, this could be especially helpful.

When riding a surfboard or surfing the water, it is important to keep your feet on
your board at all times. This can be difficult if you are used to riding with wax and not wearing socks on your feet. Many surfers use surfboard deck grip to ensure that they are held securely onto the surfboard, while still allowing full movement.

Use surfboard deck grip or tail pad to keep your feet on the board while doing turns and airs. The tail pad makes it easier for a beginner to learn how stand up on the board because when you have a tail pad for your surfboard, your feet won’t slide around on the board as much when you’re performing radical maneuvers. With this, you can control your surfboard more easily. These products are especially important when doing big tricks, like big airs and quarter circles, as well as in larger waves.

The surfboard grip is designed to replace the traditional waxing method of applying traction to the surfboard deck. With a longer life and no need for a hot wax gun or boiling water, these plastic grips are easy to apply and will not melt like traditional waxes do.


  • No maintenance required
  • No more melting wax being spilled all over the car, into your board bag or wherever
  • No more worrying that your wax is too hard in cold water conditions
  • No more waxing and de-waxing for different water temperatures

It's lighter, grippier, easier to carry—and best of all? It saves you time. Just grab your board and go!

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