Twin D Surfboard by Aloha

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By Aloha

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The Twin D is a performance twin fin with trailer, slightly pulled in nose with a straight tail outline which allows the board to cross over from flat faced beach breaks into more curvy better quality point break waves without much adjustment in foot/body positioning.

With a little more volume distributed toward the nose, low entry rocker that transitions into a flat tail rocker ensures that your wave count is always high as paddling and catching waves isn’t a problem! The bottom has a deep double concave starting under front foot which goes all the way through to the tail.

A key design feature of the Twin D that Woody has adopted from his apprenticeship with shaping legend Chris Brock has the apex of the double concave sitting lower in the water than the bottom edge of the rail. This design element allows the board to transition from rail to rail very easily. This design feature is visible on a lot of the Webber designs and the latest incarnation of this design was on the Webber Creature model although the Twin D is a lot more subtle than the dramatic curves of Greg Webber.

The Twin D is perfect for smooth flowing surfing in a super wide variety of conditions.